Office of the Registrar

Undergraduate Catalog

2015-16 Second edition, November 2015

Writing for Television and Film Certificate


Writing for Television and Film

The undergraduate certificate in Writing for Television and Film is designed to teach students the screenwriting craft; to develop each student's potential and to help all students find their unique style; to expose students to the concept of "workshopping pages" and giving and receiving critical input on style, writing technique and structure; and to provide insight into today's film and television market.

Admission requirements

Minimum of 30 credit hours and a combined GPA (Missouri State and transfer) of 2.50 or better

Program requirements

  1. MED 565(3), 566(3), 567(3)
  2. 3 additional hours from MED 462(3), 463(3), or 464(3) for a total of at least 12 hours
  3. Attain a GPA of 2.00 or better on all certificate coursework