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The Focus

As an institution we have the obligation to report students who are not regularly attending classes in order to comply with federal laws governing financial aid and veterans education benefits. Furthermore, in accordance with academic policy, students are not permitted to attend class unless they are officially enrolled in the class. For these reasons, we recommend that instructors periodically check attendance and review their class lists available through the F/ARC. Remember that Blackboard and the student data system are two separate systems. This means that any student can “register” for any Blackboard class; just because a student is enrolled in Blackboard does not mean that he/she is officially enrolled in the course itself. Always check your official class list through the F/ARC to determine whether or not a student is officially enrolled in your class.
To report a student who has stopped attending or who has never attended, please complete a brief form available at www.missouristate.edu/registrar/forms.htm, or send an email to Registrar@MissouriState.edu. If you have a student who is attending your class but is not on your class list, please do not allow the students to attend; instead, contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.

The Monthly Transcript

  • Intersession grades were posted September 3, 2008. Grades appear on the student’s transcripts; however, they are not calculated into students’ GPA until the end of the semester.
  • The Fall 2008 Commencement website is now available at www.missouristate.edu/commencement/.
  • Late construction for Spring 2009 class schedule building is September 8-12, 2008. For more information, please visit www.missouristate.edu/registrar/guidelines.htm.   
  • The Spring 2009 registration guide (to include the registration sequence chart, final exam schedule, dates and deadlines, etc.) is available at www.missouristate.edu/registrar/reg_info.html. Class schedules will be available on the web by October 1; registration begins October 31.
  • Reminder: Effective Fall 2009, all 500-level courses will be undergraduate only; 600-700-level courses will be designated as graduate. Therefore, from this time forward, curricular proposals (i.e. new courses and course changes) should be reflective of the new numbering system.

The Banner Bonus

  • Admissions “goes live” in October 2008. Beginning in October, all Fall 2009 applicants will be admitted using Banner.
  • Banner class schedule building training sessions include: CNAS September 16-18, and the Extended Campus and Honors College September 23-25. To register, go to www.missouristate.edu/banner/schedulebuild.htm .
  • Academic Leadership Council approved administrative changes to the overload policy. Effective with Fall 2009 registration, intersession classes and summer sessions #2, #3 and #4 will no longer have their own overload limits. Undergraduate students will still be limited to 18 hours during the Fall and Spring, and 10 hours during the summer. Graduate students will be limited to 16 hours during the Fall and Spring, and 10 hours during the summer.
  • The University will be using Argos as its primary query tool. Argos is a web-based query system that will be similar to departmental lists on the F/ARC. In order to gain access to Argos, you must attend a training session. To register for a session, visit www.missouristate.edu/banner/.
  • The Administrative Council approved two fee-related proposals. Pending Board of Governors approval, the following will become effective Fall 2009:
    • Elimination of the waiver of non-resident fees for students taking fewer than 7 credit hours in fall/spring and fewer than 5 credit hours in summer. A “one-time only” waiver of non-resident fees for up to six credit hours for new students will be created. In addition, summer non-resident fees for all of our out-of-state fee waiver programs (e.g. Out of State Fee Waiver, MSEP, Continue the Tradition, etc.) will be covered.
    • Students will be able to drop or withdrawal with a 100% refund during the entire change of schedule period (first week of spring/fall; first two days of summer).
  • The following policies and procedures are currently under review:
    • Admission to degree programs.
    • $60 payment (and cancellation policy).
    • The asterisk grade and last day to drop.
    • How to administer dual high school credit courses (registration and grading).
    • Registration sequence.
  • Banner Registration Timeline:
    • July-October 2008: departments manually enter the Fall 2009 class schedule into Banner.
    • October-December 2008: all 600-level and higher courses will be manually entered into Banner along with all of the prerequisite changes.
    • December 2008-March 2009: mock registration (testing the new registration system).
    • April 2009: registration “go live” for Fall 2009.

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Questions or comments? E-mail us at Registrar@MissouriState.edu or call 417-836-5520.

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September, 2008

Carrington Hall

The Office of the Registrar is located in Carrington Hall room 320.  We are open from
8-5 Monday through Friday, except for Thursdays when we are open from 9-5.

Staff Spotlight

Shonna Marshall joined the Office of the Registrar in November of 2007. She has 12 years experience within Enrollment Services and has a BA in Business Administration. As the Assistant Registrar - Registration Services and primary Veteran Certifying Official, she oversees all registration-related functions and certifies students using veterans education benefits. Shonna has also been vital in the implementation of Banner.