Missouri State University

Managing Course Enrollments

Here is a summary of selected resources that departments can use to monitor and manage their course enrollments.

REC2201: Enrollment by section, course, department, and college provides enrollment totals by course and student level. This report is one of many made available online by the Office of the Registrar.

It shows total enrollment in a given course by student classification (e.g. freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate degree-seeking, etc.). This “snapshot” report is captured at the census date (fourth week for fall and spring, second week for summer) and at the close of the semester. Reports are available on the above web page for the fall 2005 semester to the present.

Faculty/Advisor Resource Center (F/ARC): On F/ARC, the “Update of Close Levels” feature displays information for a given semester for all courses within a department, including:

  • Room capacity
  • Department maximum
  • Department close
  • Current enrollment

This is also, of course, the screen that departments use to update close levels.


Find a Class: This feature on the web class schedule is available at http://www.missouristate.edu/classschedule . It is one that students and advisors can use to find open section of a given class. A good way to assess availability of a given course is to use the search for open section feature. The display will list only those sections that are open (including sections that have a “hold” status, which will display as “temporarily closed”).

Using this function, it is easier than with other resources to see problems such as:

  • Distribution of available open section by time and delivery type (e.g. to see if all available classes are only in the evening, by internet, for Honors College students, etc.)
  • Conflicts between available seats in lectures and labs


CRSE 82: Provides current status of course availability for a given course. Sections are grouped into categories based on course characteristics of location, length, type, and day/evening. Note that the type category consists of dual high school, honors, or standard. At this time, delivery is not on of the groupings. Internet courses are always “off campus” by location.

For each category grouping, this screen displays course totals for the number of sections, department maximum, department close level, and current enrollment.


CRSE 11: Provides course enrollment history for the previous eight semesters as of the census date. (There are occasionally slight variations between the numbers shown here and those shown on REC2201 due to timing of update jobs. REC2201 is the most accurate source; this screen provides easy access to summary data over several semesters.)