Campus Recreation

Rec Fest 2014

Campus Recreation is kicking off the first week of classes right!  Join us for a week of activities including canoe battleship, free Zumba, and a day on the lake.  Details for the week are listed below so get used to the college life planning and mark these events on your calendar!

Monday, August 18

Set your Goals - We will have a banner out all week that you can write your semester goals on.  Fitness and wellness related, we hope this banner will help hold you accountable and remind you that great things take time and dedication.

Tye Dye & Tiki Bar - Head to our patio to get a free tank top to tye dye!  Not only that but we'll also have a tiki bar with music, snow cones, and popcorn -- just what you need to take away any stress the first day of classes may bring.

Tuesday, August 19

Get to know the Fitness and Wellness portion of Campus Recreation!  We'll be showcasing the main things that Campus Rec has to offer in the areas of fitness and wellness like massage therapy, personal training, and group exercise.

4:30-6:30PM, Ask a Trainer - Personal trainers will be available in the main lobby of the FRC ready to answer any questions you may have.  They will have tips readily available and even conduct fitness assessments if you are interested.

4:30-6:30PM, Pull-ups, Sit-ups, Plank, and Push-up Contest - Put your fitness to the test to see how many you can do in a minute!  Win prizes just for trying or win overall if you do the most! 

4:30-6:30PM, Chair Massages - Campus Recreation offers massage therapy to all members for great rates.  But let's be honest, there isn't much better than a free massage.  Come by a get a free massage from one of our massage therapists!

6:00-7:00PM, Zumba -  Join the fitness party that gets you working while having the time of your life!  BearFit will be hosting Zumba on the MACourt for free! 

7:00-8:30PM, Tricycle Race - It's time to take things back to middle school when tricycles were the in-thing!  Jump on a tricycle and race down the breezeway to see who comes in first!

Wednesday, August 20

Everything is Aquatics on this day!  The pool is great to enjoy on its own, but you will love it even more if you try all of the programs our aquatics staff offers.   

7:00-8:30PM, Canoe Battleship - Fight to the death in this epic battle!  Teams of 4 will be given 1 canoe, 2 buckets, and two paddle boards.  Against 3 other teams the race begins to sink the other ships!  Good luck and do your best to stay afloat!

8:30-9:00PM, Duck Race - SAC will be sponsoring a duck race through our lazy river!  Pick a duck then watch them float down the river until a winner emerges! 

9:00-11:00PM, Dive in Movie, Jaws - Enjoy a classic in the pool!  The movie will be projected on our big screen in the natatorium so bring a suit if you want to watch in the pool or a blanket if you want to watch from our outdoor patio.  Either way we'll have popcorn and s'mores to make this movie a hit!

Thursday, August 21

Learn everything there is to know about Intramural Sports!  Get to know what's offered and how to register.  Not only that, but play some sports on the Allison fields to kick off the semester.

6:30-10:30PM, IM Info - We'll have a table set up on the Betty and Bobby Allison Fields with all sorts of Intramural and Campus Recreation information.  Get all of your questions answered and try out the fields!

6:30-10:30PM, Punt, Pass, Kick Contest - Show us your field skills with this contest!  The longest punt, pass, and kick will be given a prize by intramurals and it's a great way to check out the competition before the leagues begin!

6:30-10:30PM, Sand Volleyball - Come by anytime during the evening to test out our sand volleyball courts.  You can come with a team, or just show up on your own to serve, bump and set your way to victory.

Friday, August 22

Outdoor Adventures will be ending the week with everything outside!  Check out the boulder, climbing wall, and even tune-up your bike.

12:00-3:00PM, Outdoor Bouldering - Climb on Campus Rec's outdoor boulder and get some coupons for our rental equipment!  Both are a way to prepare you for everything OA has to offer during the fall semester.

3:00-6:00PM, Green Bike Program - Get a bike for the fall semester! The Green Bike Program takes unwanted bikes from the semester before, fixes them up, then rents them out on a first come first serve basis. 

3:00-6:00PM, Bike Clinic - Head to the FRC patio to get your bike adjusted for the semester.  If something just doesn't feel right, or if you just want to learn basic bike maintenance, stop by for this free clinic! 

9:00PM-12:00AM, Glow Climb - Scale the indoor climbing wall in a whole new light!  Our boulders glow in the dark so climb the wall with lights out and blacklights on!  Rock music will be the only thing playing to really get you in the "rock-climbing" mood.