Required Statements

The following statement should be included in all recruitment publications. The type should be treated as body copy. Additional information, including further details about the University's marketing messages, may be found in the Marketing Toolkit.

About Missouri State University
Missouri State University is a public university system with an enrollment of more than 24,000 students who come from around the state and the world. There are four physical campuses, located in Springfield, Mo.; West Plains, Mo.; Mountain Grove, Mo.; and Dalian, China. Students can follow their passion and find their place at Missouri State University.

Contact Information

Each publication should have a list of contact information, which may include one or more of the following:

  • Phone number: Use 417- as the prefix, as well as 800- for toll-free numbers
  • Email address: Include current department address
  • Web address: University or program URL

If the program URL needs a more promotional address, request as re-direct address by contacting the Office of Web and New Media.

Equal opportunity statement

One of the following University equal opportunity statements must be included on all recruitment publications.

The statement is to be set at 6pt text /7pt leading.

Job Number

The publications job number will appear near the equal opportunity statement in Adobe Garamond typeface. The job number includes the client code, three digit number and fiscal year. It is used to identify the project from concept to delivery, as well as within budgetary and archival records.

PUB 017 09


Offices involved in the creation of recruitment publications will be credited for their work, as well as those organizations involved from outside the University will be listed in the colophon on select publications.