Brochure Outline

When preparing text for a recruitment publication, consider utilizing the outline below to ensure key information about your program and the University is included.


  • Missouri State University wordmark
  • Department name (college name if applicable)
  • Springfield
  • Appropriate Web address


1) Summarize your department/program and why the student should choose you.

  • List degree options
  • Describe what sets program apart from others
  • List possible career outcomes
  • Include Web address

2) Brief answer to the student’s questions, “What’s in it for me?”

  • Teaching/research opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Unique classrooms/labs
  • Resources available
  • Conveniences: online/evening class availability
  • Long-term connections: master’s/Ph.D. program preparation/opportunities

3) Briefly describe unique qualities of faculty/program.

  • Research specialties/opportunities
  • Competitive advantages brought by faculty
  • Point to dept. web site for research details

4) Provide specific resources to assist with application, acceptance, payment, etc.

  • Invite student to talk to faculty, gain more information, visit campus
  • Include facts from “cost” page of web
  • Specialized payment programs
  • List scholarship availability

5) Include student/graduate success stories within the publication.

  • Student quotes about program and faculty
  • Graduate quotes about type of preparation for career path

Back cover

  • Contact information
  • About Missouri State
  • EO/AA/M/F/Veterans/Disability statement
  • Job number