Brochure Outline

When preparing text for a recruitment publication, consider utilizing the outline below to ensure key information about your program and the University is included.

Ensure content of brochure utilizes short text blocks and strong visuals. Lead all messaging with academic programs; follow with campus offerings and value talking points.


  • Missouri State University wordmark
  • Department name (college name if applicable)
  • Appropriate Web address


1) Summarize your department/program and why the student should choose you.

  • Lead with academic offerings
  • Describe what sets program apart from others
  • List possible career outcomes
  • Include Web address

2) Brief answer to the student’s questions, “What’s in it for me?”

  • Teaching/research opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Unique classrooms/labs
  • Resources available
  • Conveniences: online/evening class availability
  • Long-term connections: master’s/PhD program preparation/opportunities

3) Briefly describe unique qualities of faculty/program.

  • Research specialties/opportunities
  • Competitive advantages brought by faculty
  • Point to dept. website for research details

4) Provide specific resources to assist with application, acceptance, payment, etc.

  • Invite student to talk to faculty, gain more information, visit campus
  • Include facts from “cost” page of Web
  • Specialized payment programs
  • List scholarship availability

5) Include student/graduate success stories within the publication.

  • Student quotes about program and faculty
  • Graduate quotes about type of preparation for career path

Back cover

  • Contact information
  • About Missouri State
  • EO/AA/M/F/Veterans/Disability statement
  • Job number