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According to Section of the Faculty Handbook, the Faculty Handbook Revision Committee (FHRC) considers suggested revisions to the Handbook that are deemed substantive and pressing. The FHRC consists of six members, plus the chair-elect of the Faculty Senate, who serves as an ex officio member. Three members are from the tenured faculty and three members are academic administrators. From the six voting members, the FHRC elects a chair at the beginning of each academic year. You can view current members of the FHRC via the link on the left of this page.

As mandated in Section of the Faculty Handbook, there will be a septennial review of the Handbook, and this is the year for that review, with final approval of the revised document in SP14. FHRC will be reviewing all sections of the Handbook and making recommendations for revisions to improve accuracy, clarity, and consistency. FHRC hopes to be thorough and fair throughout its review. However, we recognize that there may be significant issues with the handbook that we do not recognize, and possibly unintended consequences or implications from any revisions that we propose. Therefore, we will attempt to solicit input from relevant parties and to make proposed changes available for review in a timely manner.

If you would like to suggest a specific topic for FHRC review, please send the information to the Chair along with the rationale for the change. Likewise, you may provide feedback on any proposed changes. The FHRC’s draft documents will be made accessible to the campus community through the Handbook Revision Drafts link on the left.

Rich Biagioni
FHRC Chair 2013–2014

The FHRC welcomes input from the campus community.  Anonymous suggestions and comments are perfectly acceptable. However, suggestions and comments from an identifiable source are often more useful because they allow for follow-up discussions for clarification of issues. Thank you.

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