Missouri State University

Forms for Program-Specific Differential Fees

The University has a policy outlining the parameters for academic units to propose program-specific differential fees, and any such fees must be approved by the Board of Governors.  View complete policy for program-specific enrollment fees       

As colleges at Missouri State University (MSU) advance proposals for program-specific enrollment fees, there are forms used to provide evidence in the proposal application and forms used to demonstrate the outcomes at check points in years following the adoption of program-specific fee. Please use the following forms in conjunction with the differential fees policy.

Appendix A—Request for Consideration of a Program-Specific Enrollment Fee

Appendix B—Annual Stewardship Report for a Program-Specific Enrollment Fee

Appendix C—Request for Renewal of a Program-Specific Enrollment Fee

Appendix D—Request for Increase of a Program-Specific Enrollment Fee