Missouri State University

Foundation Award for Service

Doug Gouzie

Dr. Doug Gouzie

College of Natural and Applied Sciences
Geography, Geology and Planning

I.  Philosophy of Service  

One of the core beliefs of my life is that I am part of a much larger picture and that my personal wants tend to be best fulfilled by finding successes in the accomplishments of the larger community around me.  My approach is to try to serve my departmental colleagues with work tasks which dovetail with theirs -or by “pitching in” on their tasks if mine are completed earlier than theirs- then to also extend that servant attitude to our customers and our larger organization (university or government agency), and finally to our “community” outside our organization.  My primary goal in the department is to lead by serving and promote an atmosphere where each member of the department could feel that “others are more important than myself.”  My goal is to develop a sense that we can be more successful if we all work together to be the best team (as opposed to individual contractors or “players”) that we can be – sharing each other’s load and connecting with our many alumni to distribute our workload amongst an even greater number of people.

II.  Examples of service including service to University, discipline and community

CNAS & University Executive Budget Committees; General Education Review Committee;  Graduate College Council (Chair 2009-10); Presidential Scholars Panel Judge

GGP Advisory Board and GGP Alumni Reunion Committees; GGP Mentor Lunch coordinator

Geologic Society of America (GSA) – 2010 Joint Section Meeting Exhibit Hall & Sponsor Coordinator;   GSA Mann Mentor (speak as mentor at lunch for students); Grant Reviewer for National Geographic Society; Reviewer for Journal of Cave & Karst Studies (and others)

Young Life Springfield Adult Committee; Sound Team- New Life Community Church;  Public Affairs Speaker for various Springfield groups (Master Gardeners, Rotary, Senior Learners) for Sinkholes & Karst

III.  Future Commitment to Service

GGP Alumni Reunion events and activities; Assist City of Springfield with Karst and Sinkhole issues;  continue campus activities (Pres Scholars, Budget Committees)

IV.  Topics related to service for which you are available for presentations and/or consultations

Building better Alumni Relations - (scholarship fundraising)

Public Affairs and Community Education – (communicating with the community)

Relationship of Service to Teaching – (using alumni response to enhance student learning)