Missouri State University


Turnitin, is the most widely-used of several online plagiarism prevention programs. The total number of institutional subscribers worldwide is close to 6,000. Turnitin is employed by over 90% of all colleges and universities in the United Kingdom. It is currently subscribed to by over 1,800 American colleges and universities, including the entire California State University system. Drury University and Evangel University have used Turnitin for several years.

Turnitin is easy to learn and use. Student papers submitted to Turnitin are checked against numerous sources, including the Internet, paid subscription databases such as LEXIS and Emerald, and Turnitin's collection of over 22 million student papers. An “Originality Report” highlighting passages (matches) which may possibly be plagiarized is then e-mailed to the instructor within a short time, usually minutes. Instructors are encouraged to allow their students to view the Originality Report before turning in the final paper. Turnitin can be used as an excellent tool for teaching students about scholarly writing.

For more information about using Turnitin in the classroom, including training, please contact Michael Frizell.