Steven Senger

Steven Senger

Assistant Professor

Academic Interests

  • Mathematics

  • Engineering

  • Computer Science

Top Scholarly Accomplishments 

  • Mentored undergrad research, Book: ”The Erdos Distance Problem”

  • Invited lecturer at the Canadian Mathematical Society meeting in 2011

  • Taught a topics course for grad students at University of Delaware

Previous Experience

  • Teaching at the Graduate School at MU-Columbia, one semester at Rochester
  • Post Doc at University of Delaware


Excelsior Springs, MO


  • Playing/writing music
  • Rock climbing
  • Board games
  • Crochet
  • Design/printmaking

Future Goals and Aspirations

  • Continue to teach really well and keep improving on my research
  • Design and cut my own typeface
  • Publish games
  • Learn more languages

Life Outside the University

  • Rock Climbing

  • Tour guide for the state of Texas

  • Musician


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