F. Scott Worman

F. Scott Worman

Assistant Professor

Academic Interests

I am an archaeologist specializing in geoarchaeology and environmental archaeology, and I do research in the U.S. Southwest and southern Portugal. My primary interests are long-term human-environment interactions, emergent complexity and the contact period in the U.S. Southwest, and the Islamic period in Iberia. I also focus on applied archaeology in its many guises including cultural resource management, heritage preservation and tourism, public outreach, education, and stewardship of our shared past.

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

I have published peer reviewed articles in The Kiva (as senior author, with Hannah Mattson), American Antiquity (with W. Wills, W. Dorshow, and H. Richards), and the Journal of Field Archaeology (with James Boone). I also have a chapter forthcoming in the Proceedings of the Jornada Mogollon Archaeology Conference (as senior author, with P. Hogan and A. Kurota). In addition, I have written or contributed to dozens of technical reports.

Previous Experience

I taught as a visiting lecturer at Washington State University last year. Before that, I was a project director, lab director, and the geoarchaeologist for the Office of Contract Archaeology at the University of New Mexico where I also taught classes in the anthropology department.


Ahuas, Gracias a Dios, Honduras


Pretty much anything outdoors, including hiking, fishing, skiing, canoeing, bicycling, and gardening. I also love to travel and spend time with my family.

Future Goals and Aspirations

I hope to continue to pursue my research in the U.S. Southwest and Portugal and become an outstanding instructor.

Life Outside the University

Most of my life outside the university revolves around my wife and our three year old son. We also visit my parents regularly in Warrensburg, MO and visit Erin’s parents in Alaska every chance we get.


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