Caryn Saxon

Caryn Saxon


Academic Interests

I am most interested in the ways that conflict and criminal justice intersect which most notably occurs in the areas of restorative justice and peacemaking criminology; however, I am also very interested in the study of corrections, particularly the role of volunteerism in criminal justice and corrections.

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

I have published in various academic journals, and have also presented at a few conferences over the past couple of years.

Previous Experience

Since receiving my MS from MSU, I have taught with the Department of Communication, as well as Criminology and Criminal Justice as a per course faculty member.


Philadelphia, PA and Springfield, MO


  • I play the harp

  • Enjoy writing

  • Engage in the paper-making and book-making arts

Future Goals and Aspirations

  • I plan to pursue my PhD in the coming years and hope to continue teaching and serving my community.

Life Outside the University

  • Outside of the university I am the Administrative Director of the Conflict and Communication Center of the Ozarks for which I teach a weekly domestic violence class at the Greene County Jail and also develop community-based trainings and workshops on issues related to conflict and mediation. I also volunteer with Prisoner Visitation and Support which allows me to visit inmates at the Federal Medical Center who would otherwise not receive visits. I also serve on the Restorative Justice Probation Board with the Missouri Department of Probation and Parole, and work with community organizations such as the Center for Diversity and Reconciliation and Ambassadors for Children.


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