James Kratky

James Kratky

Assistant Professor

Academic Interests

  • Technology in mathematics
  • Education preservice
  • Inservice teacher development

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

  • Invited presentation at 2013 NCTM regional conference in Louisville, KY
  • Research publication on novice teachers' efforts to have students share their thinking
  • Book chapter on an instrument database for research on school mathematics curriculum 

Previous Experience

  • High school teacher in Michigan

  • 6 years involvement in research in mathematics education

  • In service teacher development through workshops 


Traverse City, MI


  • Sports! Running, swimming, biking, basketball...
  • Watching football 

Future Goals and Aspirations

  • Teaching: Challenge and inspire preservice mathematics teachers to recognize and craft precise mathematical arguments.
  • Research: Investigate how teachers and students use mathematical tools in powerful ways for deep student learning.
  • Professional Development: Design and facilitate PD workshops for mathematics teachers.

Life Outside of the University

  • Family: I have a wife, a son (Isaac), and a second son on the way (due November 2015)!
  • Involvement in church and serving others! 

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