Julia Troche

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Academic Interests

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient history
  • Interactions between, and social networks of, the living and dead (especially in ancient Egypt)
  • Role of grown of local "saints" in Egypt
  • Imagination, communication, and maintenance of sacred space 

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

Most recently (opening October 2015), Julia co-curated an exhibition “Uncovering Ancient Egypt: Ancient Crafts, Modern Technologies," for the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology. Her work has been published in the Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology conference proceedings, with other projects are currently under review, including an accepted abstract for a special, thematic issue of Advances in Archaeological Practice. Julia has presented papers at major international and national conferences, including the annual meetings of the American Research Center in Egypt, Archaeological Institute of America, American Schools of Oriental Research, Theoretical Archaeology Group, and New England Historical Association. 

Previous Experience

Julia has excavated at Petra, Jordan and Abydos, Egypt and works as an epigrapher for the Karnak Graffiti Project under the auspices of the Centre Franco-Égyptien d’Études des Temples de Karnak. 


San Diego, CA 

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