Megan Boyle

Megan Boyle

Assistant Professor
Counseling, Leadership, & Special Education

Academic Interests

Generally, I am interested in research in the area of Behavior Analysis, specifically, bridging the gap between research and practice. I conduct research with token economies in the context of Behavioral Economic arrangements and am also interested in behavioral contrast and the adverse effects of punishment procedures.

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

Contributions to several books and journal articles

Previous Experience

I have delivered early intervention services to children with autism spectrum disorders, taught social skills to adolescents with developmental disabilities, and most recently in the assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior


Wausau, WI

Future Goals and Aspirations

By the end of my career, I hope to have inspired my students to engage in activities that further the science of behavior, and to use what they know about the science of behavior to improve the lives of individuals to whom they provide services.


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