Bret Cormier

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Assistant Professor
Counseling, Leadership and Special Education

Academic Interests

His research encompasses the deficit-thinking paradigm’s impact on the achievement gap, as well as the attitudes, values, and beliefs that impact the professional judgment and behavior of superintendents, principals, and teachers. He also conducts research in district and campus turnaround efforts, particularly the process of transforming the climate and culture of a district, a campus, and a community. Another area of research is the school to prison pipeline, college and career readiness, and at-risk underrepresented students; social/structural inequalities and public policy on the achievement gap; Social justice; leadership in education; Organizational behavioral design. 

Top Scholarly Accomplishments

  • Walker, A. & Cormier, B. D. (2014). Leveling the Playing Field: The Normed-Opportunity Paradigm. American Secondary Education Journal, 43(1):33-51.  
  • Cormier, N., Cormier, B. D., & Madsen, J. (2009). African American Superintendents Narrowing the Achievement Gap through Organization Restructuring, In L. Foster & L. Tillman (Ed.) African American Perspectives on Leadership in Schools: Building a Culture of Empowerment (pp. 95-114). New York. Rowman & Littlefield Education.  

Previous Experience

Assistant Professor, Kentucky State University, Adjunct Professor, University of the Cumberlands. He spent two years as head of research and development at SureScore, Inc., a college and career consulting firm in Texas working with school districts across the country to help prepare and help get first generation students into college as well as to prepare their parents. He spent ten years as district and campus administrator as well as eight years in the classroom as a teacher and coach. Dr. Cormier served in the military for eight years serving as an Infantry Officer in the United States Army. He is a veteran of the Persian Gulf Conflict.    


San Antonio, Texas


Dr. Cormier likes to spend time with his wife and daughter. He spends time with his service dog Harvery, walking him and running him around their new community. He reads and spends time outside. He has been writing grants and articles lately.

Future Goals and Aspirations

  • I would like to be a full professor
  • Develop a research center for the achievement gap that prepares leaders and teachers the skills and dispositions to successfully educate underrepresented populations so that they can access higher education as well as pursue lucrative careers.

Life Outside the University

Just spending time with my family and our dog Harvey.

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