Missouri State University

Transition from Visa Information Source (VIS) to VISA IntelliLink System

UMB Bank is upgrading from the VIS System to the VISA IntelliLink System.

This training session is for Department Procurement Card Coordinators who currently have access to the Visa Information Source (VIS) system to complete P-Card allocations or will require access to this system in the future.

We will continue to use the VIS system to complete the allocations for November’s transactions but we will complete the allocations for the December’s transactions that are due January 2012 in the new system.

If you do not need access to the UMB Bank’s system for P-Card allocations, kindly let me know and I will close out your account. Also, if there are others in your department who need access to this system as well, kindly pass on this email to them as well.

The new system can be accessed at the link below: