Printer's Terms

AA's - Author's alterations

art work - Illustrative materials, digital files

author - Printing Services definition is the person who requests the job, regardless of who originated the piece

backbone - The back of a bound book connecting the two covers, also called spine

backed up - Printing the reverse side of a sheet already printed on one side

blowup - Enlargement of the original document or photo.

booger glue - specialized rubber type glue used to hold loose sheets of items unto another object but allows you to peel it off later.

body type - The type that is used for the main part or text of a printed piece

CC's - customer corrections

comb binding - Hole punching the pages and cover of a book to be held together with a plastic comb style binder.

copy - All material to be included in a printed work

crop - Reduce in size by removing part of an image (mark area to be cropped - DO NOT CUT ORIGINAL)

display type - Larger than body type, for titles and headings

dummy - A preliminary layout showing the position of illustrations and text as they are to appear in the final reproduction

epson proof - A full color proof

flush (left/right) - Typeset copy vertically aligned at the left or right margin

font - The complete set of characters in a type style

format - The appearance of a printed work (type style, layout, margins, size, etc.)

four (4) color process printing - (CMYK) using four colors of ink, cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow and black with specific dot pattern and screen angles to reproduce full color on printed project.

halftone - A photograph that has been modified into a dot pattern for printing

justify - Space out lines of type so that both left and right margins are flush

kerning - Widening or narrowing spaces between typeset characters

layout - The drawing or sketch of a proposed printed piece

leading - Extra spacing between lines of typeset copy (Printers used to use lead strips for spacers.)

line copy (line work) - Any copy which contains only solid black and white, without halftones

make ready - All operations required to prepare the finished copy for printing

padding - adding a compound to the edge of a stack of paper to make scratch pads.

perfect bind - A wrap around, glued paper book cover

pica - Unit of measurement used principally in measuring lines. One pica equals approximately 1/6 inch

point - Basic unit of type measurement. One point equals 1/12 pica and approximately 1/72 inch

proof - A black and white or color representation of your project to show color, layout of artwork and copy. Also see blue-line proof.

blue-line proof - A proof from a negative used to check layout and position

ragged (left/right) - Unjustified copy

register - To position two or more images so they are precisely superimposed

reverse - Make white areas black, and black areas white

running head - A title repeated on each page

saddle stitch - Bind by stapling folded sheets through the fold

separations - print out of each individual color used to run a specific project. used in multi color and 4 color process printing. can be paper, film or printing plate.

side stitch - Bind by stapling sheets on the side near the backbone (spine)

signature - A set of folded pages that once collated together with other signatures make a book

spine - See backbone

spiral binding - Book binding with plastic or wire inserted through holes punched along the binding side

stock - Material to be printed on

text - The body of a page or book, as distinguished from the heading

thermal tape bind - A process to bind pages of a book and the cover together using a special glue strip heated in a cover clamp.

widow - A single word in a line by itself, ending a paragraph