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Presidential Competencies

In all aspects of the position, Missouri State’s president must embody the University’s public affairs mission, demonstrating ethical leadership, cultural competence and community engagement. Exceptional communication skills are required, as well as a strong work ethic and a high energy level. The successful candidate will demonstrate the capacity to lead a university with a deep and continuing regional connection, which is now on its way to becoming a first-tier public comprehensive metropolitan university, a “university of choice.”

Based on the 25-year assumptions, and building on the position description, Missouri State University seeks a broadly capable and accomplished leader with the following competencies:

Experience developing relationships in a variety of key areas, thereby enhancing the organization’s presence and reputation.

  • Proven ability and desire to reach and personally influence alumni, donors and friends of the University, using a wide variety of tools, while working with a local business community to enhance both the city and the University. 
  • Experience working effectively with elected officials at the local, state and federal levels. 
  • Experience in working with leadership of peer organizations.

Experience leading and managing a large, complex organization. 

  • Proven ability to set direction and gain support from multiple constituencies, including Faculty and Staff senates in shared governance. 
  • Experience and desire to engage others in decision making, to delegate, and to develop others.
  • Ability and desire to partner effectively with a wide range of entities to achieve mutual goals.

Experience in successfully managing a complex and challenging financial environment.

  • Creative problem solving.
  • Successful use of strategic budgeting.
  • Management of multiple and diverse funding streams.
  • History of sound business decisions which also recognize an organization’s functional and cultural needs.
  • Proven ability to raise funds and implement creative ideas for funding going forward.

Capability to credibly lead a strong academic community, while ensuring that students receive an outstanding education at a fair cost.

  • Commitment to support and enhance Missouri State’s academic reputation and public affairs mission.
  • Understanding of the importance of teaching, research/scholarship/creative activity; the need for creative approaches to the delivery of educational products; community involvement; cultural diversity; and athletic excellence to the success of the University.
  • Ability to develop a comprehensive plan for the University’s academic programs, including growth on the graduate side.
  • Proven ability to work with state higher education leadership.