West Plains

  • Increase the number of graduates
    • Increase recruitment of new students utilizing strategic marketing through social media, the Greater Ozarks Center for Advanced Technology and the Shoe Loft housing
    • Increase retention of current students through the College Readiness Program, implementation of Degree Works, and revision of the Developmental Education Program
  • Diversity and inclusion
    • Evaluate opportunities to develop initiatives specifically tailored to recruit and retain diverse students, faculty and staff
    • Expand multicultural programming and explore opportunities to collaborate with the Springfield campus on multicultural programs in West Plains
    • Encourage students, faculty and staff to participate in the Collaborative Diversity Conference
    • Evaluate opportunities to incorporate diversity into the curriculum and co-curricular activities
    • Continue to require all employees to participate in diversity education
    • Continue to publicly report on progress toward diversity and other goals
  • Complete the development of the long-range plan and the West Plains campus Visioning Guide
  • Continue to raise private funds to support the Hass-Darr Hall construction project, and award contract and begin construction of Hass-Darr Hall
  • In collaboration with the City of West Plains and the South Central Career Center, establish the Greater Ozarks Center for Advanced Technology (GOCAT), a community initiative designed to bring advanced technological training to the West Plains area
  • Continue to identify and evaluate opportunities to improve the coordination of processes and course delivery between the West Plains and Springfield campuses

Action plan table of contents