Missouri State University

Futures Task Force Minutes

December 8, 2005


Those attending were: Frank Einhellig, Chair, Peter Collins, D. Wayne Mitchell, Jim Baker, Michael Hignite, Elizabeth Rozell, Chris Barnhart, Katie Hope, Dennis Schmitt, Mike Carlie, Julie Masterson, Wade Thompson

Staff: Tami Sutton

Dr. Frank Einhellig, Chair of the Future's Task Force began the meeting at 3:40 pm with the review and approval of the December 1 meeting notes.

Next on the agenda was the final report discussion. Dr. Einhellig asked everyone to please take one last look at the research and scholarship emphasis areas and forward any final changes to Tami Sutton. She will then incorporate the final version of the emphasis areas into the draft copy of the report. Once this is accomplished he will forward the copy of the report to the Task Force for their final review and comment. The Task Force will have a couple of days to comment via email to him and then he will present the final report to the President by December 23.

Dr. Einhellig then asked Dr. Mike Carlie to present his concept document detailing the proposed Missouri State Academy. The document proposes one way in which to bring the faculty together to collaborate in their research (as well as their teaching and service activity). A brief discussion followed Dr. Carlie's presentation of the document. A major initiative of the Missouri State Academy would be the development of a website to be used as a portal to disseminate information to faculty, graduate students and administrators. It was decided by the Task Force that a brief paragraph describing this website initiative should be included in the final report to the President.

Dr. Einhellig concluded the meeting by thanking the Task Force for all their hard work. He indicated that he didn't feel that the Task Force would need to meet again, but that the Task Force was not being disbanded and if need be, he would call another meeting at a later date.

Respectively submitted,

Tami Sutton
Executive Assistant