Missouri State University

Futures Task Force Minutes

November 17, 2005

Those attending were:

Frank Einhellig, Chair, Jane Doelling, Elizabeth Rozell, Jim Baker, Ryan Giedd, Dennis Schmitt, Mike Carlie, Michael Hignite, Wade Thompson, Peter Collins, Katie Hope, Marc Cooper, D. Wayne Mitchell

Staff: Tami Sutton

Dr. Frank Einhellig, Chair of the Future's Task Force began the meeting at 3:40 pm with the review and approval of the November 10 meeting notes.

The next item of business was a discussion of the handout produced by Dr. Wade Thompson on the proposal to re-title the Performing Arts research and scholarship emphasis area that is currently posted on the Future's website to Performing and Creative Arts. He indicated that after the subgroups review of the current faculty input that had been received it was necessary to re-title the emphasis area to Performing and Creative Arts to better reflect the proposed emphasis area prior to the open forums to be held in late November.

The research and scholarship emphasis area handout titled Global Perspectives, With a Special Emphasis on Asia, was also reviewed and finalized. After a few grammatical changes, this emphasis area along with the re-titled Performing and Creative Arts version will be posted to the website for faculty review and input. Dr. Einhellig informed the Task Force that he would send out a mass email memo to all faculty soliciting input on the revised and new emphasis areas that would be posted. In this email, he would also remind the faculty of the dates and times for the open forums that are to be held by the Future's Task Force on Monday and Tuesday, November 28 and 29 at 3:30 to 5:00 pm in Karls 101 and 102.

Finalization of the format for the open forums was also discussed and agreed upon. Dr. Einhellig, Chair of the Future's Task will prepare and present a powerpoint presentation for the open forums. Two major points of discussion regarding the format of the forums were the time allowed for each emphasis area during the presentation and the criteria and documentation utilized by the Task Force in development of the research and scholarship emphasis areas. It was concluded by the Task Force that given the limited amount of time, that Dr. Einhellig should move quickly through the presentation of the different emphasis areas to allow as much time as possible for discussion and input by the faculty at the conclusion of his presentation. The faculty attending will also be directed to forward additional input not able to be covered during the short timeframe of the open forums to the Future's Task Force via email. The email information, as well as the website information will be presented on the last slide of the powerpoint presentation. Dr. Einhellig strongly encouraged all members of the Future's Task Force to attend the open forums and take notes.

Dr. Einhellig also informed the Task Force that Dr. Nietzel had asked the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce to host an open forum to solicit input from community and business leaders. This open forum will be held Wednesday, November 30 at 8:00 am at the Chamber of Commerce office. Drs. Einhellig and Baker will attend and present. Ms. Tami Sutton will attend and take notes.

The meeting then turned to the continued discussion of the draft document regarding infrastructure revision and improvement. After lengthy discussion, Dr. Jane Doelling, subcommittee member that had been formed to review the infrastructure document, offered to receive continued input from the Future's Task Force via email and develop wording that would be used in the Task Force's final report to the President.

The final topic of a discussion was development of a bulleted list by the Future's Task Force suggesting possible avenues to be used by the University to finance the research and scholarship emphasis areas as well as to further encourage research efforts and productivity.

The next meeting of the Future's Task Force will be Thursday, December 1 at 3:30 pm in PSU 317.

Respectively submitted,

Tami Sutton
Executive Assistant