Missouri State University

Futures Task Force Minutes

October 6, 2005

Those attending were: Frank Einhellig, Chair, Jane Doelling, D. Wayne Mitchell, Chris Barnhart Ryan Giedd, Elizabeth Rozell, Mike Carlie, Michael Hignite, Wade Thompson, Peter Collins, Katie Hope, Marc Cooper, Julie Masterson
Staff: Tami Sutton

The meeting began at 3:30 pm in PSU Ballroom East with review of the September 29 meeting notes. The notes were amended to reflect that Marc Cooper's name had been left off the listing of the subgroup membership. He will be part of the History and Cultures of the Americas and the International Studies subgroup. The notes were approved as amended.

Before the Task Force broke into the subgroups to work, Dr. Einhellig led a brief discussion on the breadth and depth of the scholarship focus areas.

At approximately 4:10 pm, the Task Force broke into subgroups for a 20-minute work session. At 4:30 pm the Task Force reconvened and the Entrepreneurialship and Arts and Technology subgroups were able to discuss their responses and work thus far on the template.

After the two subgroups gave their reports, the Task Force agreed that they would work amongst themselves during the next two weeks to disseminate the template information and solicit responses and additional information needed to complete their final workup. Additional information was requested by the Task Force to complete their work on the template as well as their report to the President. The items requested were a report of last year's grant data, as well as last year's IRB approvals. Dr. Einhellig, Chair of the Task Force agreed to get the needed information to the Task Force before the October 20 meeting.

Dr. Einhellig at this time spoke with the Task Force about his upcoming meeting with the Faculty Senate on October 13. Dr. Einhellig wanted everyone to know that he would be giving a report to the Senate of the Task Force's work to date. It was also decided by the Task Force that he should report to the Faculty Senate that the Task Force members would be organizing two open hearings seeking input. The hearings would most likely occur in late October or early November.

The next meeting of the Task Force will be Thursday, October 20 at 3:30 pm in PSU 317.

Respectively submitted,

Tami Sutton
Executive Assistant