Missouri State University

Futures Task Force Minutes

September 8, 2005

Those attending were: Frank Einhellig, Chair, Jim Baker, Jane Doelling, D. Wayne Mitchell, Chris Barnhardt, Ryan Giedd, Elizabeth Rozell, Mike Carlie, Dennis Hickey, Wade Thompson, Peter Collins, Michael Hignite, Marc Cooper, Kathryn Hope

Staff: Tami Sutton

The meeting began at 3:30 pm in PSU Ballroom East with a review of the September 1 meeting notes.

The meeting continued with a presentation by Dr. Ryan Giedd on the Center for Applied Science and Engineering. The purpose of the presentation was to illustrate an interdisciplinary, clustered, approach to research. A handout of Dr. Giedd's presentation was provided to Task Force members.

Following Dr. Giedd's presentation, extensive discussion was held focusing on the letter to the campus community soliciting input on Missouri State University's future. A final version of the letter was approved and Tami Sutton was requested to work with Pat Day to mass email the letter to all faculty. In addition, a survey form was approved and Tami was also requested to work with Sara Clark to develop a web page for the survey. The deadline for collecting data via the website is September 27.

The Task Force also discussed the need to develop and post a timeline for the activities of the Task Force through February 1, 2006.

The final action at the meeting was Dr. Baker's discussion of the revised draft version of the report from the Futures Task Force at the University of Kentucky. A handout was provided.

The next meeting will be moved to 4:30 pm on Thursday, September 15 in PSU 317. Tentative agenda items include:

  • Continued discussion of Dr. Ryan Giedd's CASE presentation
  • Development of an activity timeline for the Task Force
  • Discussion of other sources of input (i.e., focus groups, meetings with deans, department heads, etc.)

Respectively submitted, Tami Sutton Executive Assistant