Missouri State University

Futures Task Force Minutes

September 1, 2005

Those in attendance: Frank Einhellig, Chair, Jim Baker, Jane Doelling, D. Wayne Mitchell, Chris Barnhardt, Ryan Giedd, Elizabeth Rozell, Mike Carlie, Michael Hignite, Dennis Schmitt, Peter Collins, Kathryn Hope, Wade Thompson, Marc Cooper, Julie Masterson

Those absent: Dennis Hickey, Jane Hoogestraat

Staff: Tami Sutton

The meeting began at 3:30 pm in PSU 317 with a review of the August 25 meeting and an overview of handouts. The discussion centered around the University of Kentucky Futures Report and the report from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Provost's Ad Hoc Committee to Evaluate the Cluster Hiring Initiative. A brief discussion regarding the Centers & Institutes handout followed.

The majority of the meeting centered around the President's charge to the Task Force and the interpretation of the charge by Task Force members. In addition, the criteria to be used by the Task Force were reviewed. The following were approved by the Task Force with changes noted in italics:

  • Major trends and opportunities in extramural funding;
  • Areas where growth in knowledge is expected to be most dramatic;
  • Special needs and resources of Missouri, Springfield, and the Ozarks to include economic development, technological advances, cultural enrichment, physical well-being and social prosperity;
  • Encouragement of new collaborations in research and learning as well as linkages to the University's existing and emerging research strengths;
  • Compatibility with the University's statewide mission in public affairs;
  • Potential for contributing to superior undergraduate, graduate, and professional education; and
  • Sustainability.

A subgroup was established to develop a letter addressed to the campus community to solicit feedback to be utilized by the Futures Task Force for its recommendations to the President. The subgroup consisted of Drs. Einhellig, Masterson, Carlie and Collins. It was agreed that the subgroup would present a draft letter at the September 8 meeting for review by the Task Force.

At that time it was also decided that a website would be developed to allow additional input from the campus community. Tami Sutton agreed to follow up on the recommendation to establish and maintain the site.

Finally, Dr. Ryan Giedd was asked to make a presentation at the September 8 meeting about the Center for Applied Science and Engineering.

The meeting concluded at 5:00 pm. The next meeting will be Thursday, September 8 at 3:30 pm in PSU 317.

Respectively submitted by:

Tami Sutton Executive Assistant