Compensation Committee


To assist with the implementation of the University’s new compensation system that includes merit and equity as primary considerations for salary increases for both faculty and staff.


  • Art Spisak, Assoc Provost Fac Affairs, Dir of Honors College, Chair
  • Craig Albin, MSU-WP
  • Ben Boslaugh, Maintenance
  • Wendy Ferguson, Dir of Donor Relations, Development
  • John Harms, SO, CHPA
  • Jason Jolley, MCL, COAL
  • Cheryl Gudmundson Jones, LIBR
  • Tom Kane, PY, CHHS
  • Kurt Killion, MA, CNAS
  • Belinda McCarthy, Provost MSU, Chancellor, MSU-Mtn Grove
  • Ken McClure, VP Admin & Information Services
  • Lyn McKenzie, Asst Dir of Human Resources
  • Kelly Wood, Dept Head, CM, COAL
  • Jim Meyer, CEFS, COE
  • Matthew Morris, Dir of Business & Support Svcs, WP
  • Michael Nietzel, President
  • Helen Reid, Dean, CHHS
  • Edward Choate, Dir of Human Resources
  • James Scott, FG, COB
  • Gary Stewart, Dir of Residence Life & Services
  • Rebecca Woodard, HR, CHHS, Chair-elect, Fac Senate