Missouri State University

Bulk Mail

  • Bulk Mail is non-preferential Periodicals or Standard Mail A that is mailed in large quantities and has special lower rates. To qualify for Bulk Mail rates, mail must meet specific criteria and requirements that have been established by the USPS.
  • Missouri State has a permit with the USPS for a centralized, nonprofit, Standard Mailing account.
  • Bulk Mail is a non-priority item and is somewhat slower, but less costly, than First Class Mail delivery.  Therefore, departments should prepare bulk mailings well in advance of the anticipated delivery date.
  • Club and/or organizational bulk mailings cannot be sent through the University permit, unless the mailing is "official University business", and is to be charged to a departmental budget.
  • Departments should utilize the University's permit imprint account, whenever possible.  By doing so, the mailing is taken directly to the USPS, since metering is not required.  All pieces prepared for bulk mailing must be identical size and weight, and the permit imprint must be printed in the upper right corner of the mailing piece.  Contact Postal Services for further details.
  • The USPS Springfield Supervisor of Business Mail Entry has the power to deny access to Missouri State's permit if he classifies a mailing as unacceptable.  To avoid problems, have any potentially controversial mailing approved by Postal Services beforehand.
  • Departments planning a specialized mailing should contact the Postal Services supervisor by E-mail..
  • Bulk Mail is taken to the USPS by 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Postal Services must be notified before using the contract agent to ensure adequate funds are in the account and we know which department to charge when the postage statement is received.
  • Depending on the type of stock a mailing is printed on, Postal Services may be able to print your addresses directly on the mail piece, which will further increase postage savings.  Postal Services can also insert up to four items in the envelope.  Please call 837-2300 for further details. 
  • Letter size bulk mailings (smaller than 6 1/8" by 11 1/2") must be sorted in ZIP Code order, but do not have to be banded.
  • Flat size bulk mailings must be sorted by the directions found in bulk mail sort guides.
  • Standard mailing flats must be sorted by the directions found in standard mail flats guide.
  • An authorization form must accompany all outgoing bulk mailings consisting of 200 or more pieces.  The form should have the bulk mail box marked as the rate to be charged.  Any mailings not marked will be sent as First Class.  If a department requires a piece count and/or cost for a certain mailing, please indicate on the authorization form.