Part-time Employees (1000 Hours Guide)

  •  Part-time employees may not work more than 1,000 hours in a rolling 12-month period. The rolling 12-month period is not:
    • a calendar year, i.e., January to December, nor
    • a budget year, i.e., July to June, nor
    • does it start over after an employee has been employed for one year.
  • The rolling 12-month period is best defined by the following example. A part-time employee is hired in November 2007 and works 12 months, into October 2008. The employee continues to work in November 2008, thus the hours he/she worked in November 2007 would no longer be counted toward the 1,000 hour limit, but the hours worked in November 2008 would count toward the limit. 
  • At no time during the 12-month period should a part-time employee have accumulated more than 1,000 hours of work at Missouri State University. 
  • Part-time employees can work an average of 80 hours per month and stay within the 1,000 hour limitation. 
  • If a part-time employee is working for more than one department, the 1,000 hour limit includes all hours worked by the employee in all departments; the employee is not allowed to work 1,000 hours in each department. 
  • The 1000 hour limit will also include all hours worked by a person who has worked for Missouri State University through an outside temporary employment service, e.g., PenMac, Express, etc., and then hired by Missouri State University as a part-time employee. 
  • Part-time employees, who work a full 40 hours per week, cannot be employed for longer than 6 months by Missouri State University. 
  • When a person is rehired by the University as a part-time employee, any hours worked previously for any department on campus during the last 12 months, whether as a part-time employee or as an employee of an outside temporary employment service, will be counted towards accumulation of the 1,000 hours.  
  • The department head will receive a quarterly report reflecting a rolling 12-month account of hours worked by each part-time employee in the department who is paid at an hourly rate. 
  • Part-time employees paid on a monthly or job basis will not be listed on the quarterly report. It is the departmental supervisor's responsibility to monitor and record the hours worked by part-time employees who are paid by the job or on a monthly basis to ensure that the employee does not exceed the 1,000 hour limitation.

Office of Human Resources
Revised 3/10/09