My Ideas Faculty/Staff Suggestion Program

Op7.04 My Ideas Faculty/Staff Suggestion Program

Article I: Name

The full name of this program is the Missouri State University My Ideas Faculty/Staff Suggestion Program, hereinafter referred to as My Ideas. An Evaluation Committee shall oversee the program.

Article II: Purpose

The My Ideas Evaluation Committee serves to encourage faculty and staff at Missouri State University to suggest improvements to the campus community, evaluate and research submitted ideas for feasibility of implementation, and present findings and recommendations to the Administrative Council. Members shall serve staggered two-year terms, so that one-half of the membership shall be replaced each year.

Article III: Submission Eligibility

A “good idea” shall do one or more of the following:

  • Increase University revenue
  • Reduce waste or maintenance costs
  • Reduce costs of materials or services
  • Conserve time, materials, equipment, and natural resources
  • Combine operations, methods, procedures, or official forms
  • Eliminate duplication, breakage, and bottlenecks
  • Improve procedures, accountability, service quality, or morale
  • Increase safety
  • Invest in new equipment, new methods of operation, or new products

Ideas that will not be considered include those that:

  • Do not include a solution or plan for improvement
  • Constitute a personal grievance or complaint
  • Request a change in salary or position
  • Are the result of assigned or contracted audits, studies, surveys, reviews, or research
  • Concern proposals that are already under active consideration

Article IV: Administration

Section 1: Evaluation Committee

The My Ideas program will be administered by an Evaluation Committee comprised of the following individuals:

  • Representative from the Office of the President
  • Representative from the Office of the Provost
  • Representative from Faculty Senate
  • Representative from Staff Senate
  • Representative from the Office of Financial Services
  • Representative from the Office of Human Resources
  • At-large representative, named by the President, who is currently an active full-time or part- time faculty or staff member

Section 2: Terms

Each representative serves a two year term and must apply for the position. Terms shall be staggered so that half the committee membership changes each year. One committee member will be elected by the committee to serve as Program Coordinator for the duration of the term.

Evaluation committee members will not be eligible to participate during their term of office.

Section 3: Program Coordinator

One committee member will be elected by the committee to serve as Program Coordinator for the duration of the term. Duties include:

  • Collect and review all submitted ideas
  • Personally acknowledge each idea
  • Present all submitted ideas to the My Ideas Evaluation Committee
  • Post recommendation status for each idea on the My Ideas website – recommended/not and why
  • Update Twitter account and other social media, if applicable
  • Review applications for next year’s My Ideas Evaluation Committee

Article V: Suggestion Process

Section 1: Idea Submission Process

  1. An idea is submitted via an online form at
  2. The Program Coordinator reviews the suggestions with the committee.
  3. The Program Coordinator personally acknowledges the suggestion by emailing the person suggesting the idea.
  4. The Evaluation Committee reads and evaluates all suggestions.
  5. The Evaluation Committee recommends or declines submissions based on the decision criteria below.
  6. The Program Coordinator posts the status of each recommendation online, including whether it will be implemented or not, and why.
  7. The Program Coordinator contacts cost center administrator for whom suggestions will be recommended that affect their respective areas.
  8. Recommended suggestions are submitted to the Administrative Council for final approval.

Section 2: Recommendation Criteria

The Evaluation committee shall make a recommendation for each suggestion based upon the following criteria:

  • What is the Return on Investment (ROI) for implementing this suggestion?
  • What is the initial cost of implementing this suggestion?
  • Where will money come from to cover opportunity costs to implement the suggestion?
  • Who would be responsible for implementing the suggestion?
  • Has this been suggested before? If so, was it implemented or rejected, and why?
  • How does implementing this suggestion affect students and improve learning and teaching environments?
  • What are the impacts of implementing the suggestion?
  • Would implementing this suggestion violate, infringe upon, or require change to any existing Missouri State University policy?

Once these questions have been answered, the Evaluation Committee may talk to the affected department to determine feasibility. If the committee wants to recommend, but the department does not, the suggestion goes to the Administrative Council as “Recommended with Departmental Concerns”.

Article VI: Recognition and Rewards

Section 1. Quarterly Rewards

Each quarter (starting in January of every year), a drawing will take place in order to reward an idea submitted to the My Ideas Program. Each idea submitted during a one-quarter period that meets the criteria of a good idea (as determined by the My Ideas Committee; criteria discussed above) will be placed in a random drawing. The idea does not have to be implemented in order to be placed in the drawing or to receive the reward.

The submitter of the winning idea of the random drawing will receive a Missouri State University Bookstore gift card ($30.00 value).

Winning ideas of the Quarterly Reward will still be eligible for the Annual Grand Prize (if their idea meets the criteria). Submitters of winning ideas that receive the Quarterly Award are also eligible to win future Quarterly Rewards for new ideas submitted in future quarters.

Section 2. Annual Grand Prize

The focus of the Annual Grand Prize will be for those ideas that provide cost savings or increase revenue for the University. The submitter of the top non-anonymous idea (as determined by Administrative Council) implemented by late fall of a given year will receive:

  • $1,000 paid as supplemental pay
  • Recognition at the appropriate Recognition Banquet(s).

The idea submitted must have demonstrated or resulted in a cost savings or increased revenue for the University of at least $1,500.

Administrative Council reserves the right to not award the Annual Grand Prize in the absence of funding or based on the availability of implementable ideas.

Article VII: Funding

Funding for the My Ideas Quarterly Rewards and Annual Grand Prize will come from Administrative Services or from voluntary donations from cost centers on campus.

Article VIII: Amending the Operating Policy

Amendment of this Operating Policy shall be submitted in writing to the Vice President for Administrative Services. The Vice President for Administrative Services will present the proposed amendment to the Office of the President and Administrative Council for final approval.