Appraisal and Development Plan (ADP) Process

Op7.02 Appraisal and Development Plan (ADP) Process


The Appraisal and Development Plan (ADP) is the University's formal evaluation process for all full time staff employees. The ADP process is designed to support the administration of the University's Performance Based Compensation System and the development of employees within the organization.  This site has been set up to provide both supervisors and employees with information on the program and resources to assist with the administration of the instrument for new and current employees. All new employees and new supervisors should complete the online training within the first week of their appointment to ensure they understand the requirements for ADP and set up the planning meeting to establish job performance objectives for the rating period. The annual performance rating cycle for all full-time staff occurs between October 1st and January 31st.


There are several online resources available to assist supervisors and employees with the ADP process:

  • The Appraisal and Development Plan (ADP) form
  •  The ADP Quick Reference Sheet provides information on the process to include the fillable online forms, time lines, and requirements for evaluation process.
  • Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) form
  • Appraisal and Development Plan Process online training provides an overview of the program, how to successfully conduct the evaluation process, developing effective communication skills, and guidelines for establishing and measuring objectives. Please use the navigation buttons in the training to navigate through the slides and read through the narration. There is no audio to this presentation so the viewer controls the rate of delivery with the navigation buttons. Recommend printing bot the ADP and PIP form to use as a reference during the training.
  • The Employee Handbook for Administrative, Professional and Support Staff (Chapter 5)
  • The Office of Human Resources, Employee Development and Performance  also provides training courses on a regular basis to assist new supervisors with developing their leadership skills training or as refreshers for experienced leaders through the Professional Development series.

Contact information

  • Questions about the performance evaluation process or requirement, please contact Employee Development and Performance at X64592 or
  • if you have questions about the training, registration, or accessing the courses Please contact  X65779 or