Missouri State Dining Services Policies

Op5.13-5 Dining Services Policies

What is the best meal plan for me to choose?

That will depend on your lifestyle and schedule.

If you choose a Traditional Meal Plan (10, 14 or 19 Meal Plan) you will always have a set number of meals you can eat each week. Eat at one of the all you can eat buffet style Dining Centers (Blair-Shannon, Garst or Kentwood)

If you choose the Unlimited Meal Plan, you will be able to access the Dining Centers at any time during the operation hours and eat as many meals as desired.

You can add BearFare to any of those meal plans.

There is a very convenient option for the commuter students: Block Plans may be purchased in increments of 75 Meals, 50 Meals, and 25 Meals.

Block plans can be used at any dining center as well as any of the food vendors managed by Missouri State Dining Services and Boomer's Café (Hammons Hall) at any time. Meal Plans/Block Plans do not carry over from semester to semester nor is the student given credit/refunds for unused meals.

Do unused meals on my Traditional Meal Plan rollover into the next week?

No. You get a set number of meals per week. If you do not use them, you lose them. But you start with a new set of meals the next week. The purpose of the Traditional Meal plans is to ensure that you always have meals at your disposal. We understand that people sometimes miss meals. Your meal plan is priced with the understanding that you will miss some meals, therefore, missed meals are not carried over from week to week nor are you given credit or refunds for unused meals.

I'm on a traditional meal plan. Can I buy food for my friend?

No. Your meal plan is intended for your use only. If you give your BearPass Card to someone else to use, it will be confiscated by the cashier and given to the Regional Manager. You will then need to make arrangements with the Regional Manager to revalidate your card. Reoccurrence will result in the cancellation of meal plan privileges with no refund.

Can I take my parents to eat in the Dining Centers when they are on campus visiting?

Absolutely! Any time your parents are on campus visiting, just bring them into any dining center with you, and as long as you are on a meal plan, their meal is on us. Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch?

Can I change my meal plan at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time. Decreases in meal plans may be done only during the first three weeks of the semester. If you are living on-campus, you may change your meal plan at the Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services office located in Hammons House or you may change it at the Missouri State Dining Services office located in Plaster Student Union, Room 213. If you are living off-campus, you must change your meal plan at the Missouri State Dining Services office.

Can I just buy BearFare without purchasing another meal plan?

No. You must have a meal plan in order to purchase BearFare. BearFare meals may be purchased in any number of increments. BearFare meals only will carry over from fall to spring. However, any unused BearFare meals at the end of the spring semester will be forfeited.

BearFare meals are additional meals that may be utilized in the following food vendors on campus managed by Missouri State Dining Services.

BearFare is redeemable after 1:00 p.m. during the week and anytime on the weekends. BearFare meals are at an additional cost and are not part of the meal plan package.

I lost my BearPass Card. What do I do?

Your Missouri State BearPass Card is also your Meal Plan Card. You must have your BearPass Card with you in order to enter the dining center. Lost BearPass Cards may be replaced at the BearPass Card Office located in the Plaster Student Union for a $10.00 replacement fee. You will be required to pay cash for your meals until your card is replaced. We will give you a refund for the meals you paid cash for as soon as you get a new card (ask the cashiers for the appropriate form).