Advisor-Approved Program of Study

The student’s Advisor-Approved Program of Study is a form listing all courses that will be used to fulfill degree requirements.  A student may submit an Advisor-Approved Program of Study at any time after having been admitted to graduate study in a degree program; however, it should be submitted to the Graduate College before 14 hours have been completed.

  1. Program of Study forms are available online at (under Forms).
  2. It is essential that students meet with their advisor before completing the Advisor-Approved Program of Study.
  3. Once the advisor has signed the Advisor-Approved Program of Study to show approval, it should be submitted to the Graduate College.
  4. The student will receive a copy of the approved Program of Study from the Graduate College.
  5. Changes to the Program of Study may be made by completing a Change of Advisor-Approved Program of Study form which can be obtained in the Graduate College or online at (under Forms).
  6. Grades of "C-" and below will not be applied to a student’s Program of Study.
  7. At least one-half of the minimum semester hours must be in courses with no undergraduate parallel course.
  8. Courses taken for undergraduate credit may not be used on the Program of Study for a master’s, specialist, or doctoral degree