Facilities Management

Op3.12-7 Facilities Management

What is my role as Department Head?

When any University facilities require any type of maintenance, custodial, or even construction, the organization that supports this effort is the Facilities Management organization. Behind the scenes, the organization responds to building maintenance needs (including the monitoring of heating and cooling), oversight of utility services (electrical, gas, steam, water and sewer), custodial services of academic spaces, provides grounds maintenance on campus, and responds to required work orders. Primarily, the Department Head and/or designated proxy will be involved in the issuance of the work order in its dealings with Facilities Management. The work order will initiate response to maintenance, custodial, and grounds needs.

The Facilities Management Department consists of the following units:

  • Custodial Services
  • Grounds Services
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Business Services

Work orders

What is the process to have repairs and/or maintenance performed in my office?

Non-emergency (Most requests are non-emergency)

The request should be submitted electronically.


Call Work Management Center, at 836-8400; after 4:30 p.m. call 836-5133.

Have the following information ready:

  • Specific location – building, room, suite, etc.
  • Contact name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Detailed description of the work to be performed

You will then be prompted to complete online specific information related to a work request. You may also query the work order status online.

Who in my department may initiate or approve a work order?

Any departmental employee, with your permission, may input the request electronically.

What is the difference between maintenance and billable work?

Maintenance work includes basic, recurring work necessary to maintain University buildings and grounds in good repair and operating condition. Maintenance provides healthy, safe, and secure environments for education. This work is usually provided at no cost to the department.

Work that is within the space assigned to a department, including installation and repair of departmental equipment, locks for special objects, remodeling, and redecorating are usually considered billable to the department.

On a practical basis – what should I do?

  • Be aware of any necessary work orders for your department and monitor completion

  • Reconcile to your actual expenses the interdepartmental charge from Work Management

What if I have questions?

Email workmanagement@missouristate.edu or call 836-8400 for clarification.

Work performed by the department (self-help)

May we do any of the work ourselves?

Building maintenance is provided by Facilities Maintenance. This facility-specific work should not be performed by building occupants. Equipment owned by the department that is not an integral part of the facility is the department’s responsibility to maintain. Facilities Management should be notified of any work on the equipment that may affect the building or its infrastructure.

Painting is primarily the responsibility of Facilities Maintenance. A priority list of areas in need of painting is maintained and work is scheduled as staffing and resources permit. Requests for repainting areas, outside of the normal schedule, or changing room colors may be made through the work order process and this work will be chargeable to the department. Design and Construction staff will work with the user to select paint colors from a standard palette of colors.

It is not typical for occupants to perform their own painting, but with prior planning and an appropriate work order, self-help painting may be permitted. Evaluation of capabilities and supervision by the Facilities Maintenance paint shop will be required.

Larger scope projects

What if the request involves design or construction work?

Contact Planning, Design and Construction.

Some work that is desired may exceed the scope of a work order.

Items that require a Project Request Form (PRF) review by Facilities Management include purchases or additions/changes of any equipment which will be attached to the building, impact the energy consumption or in any way change the balance of HVAC in the building.

Custodial projects and schedule

What is the Custodial Frequency for cleaning in my building?

The Custodial area posts their cleaning frequency on their website.

What if I have questions?

Contact Custodial Services at 836-5265.

Setting up for an event

How do I arrange for set-up/support for events on campus?

The best approach to arranging events is to work with Event and Meeting Services. They will work to assure your event runs smoothly and they will make contact with Facilities Management for the necessary support and set-up.

Facilities can provide tables and chairs, podium, trash cans, recycling cans, electrical hook-up, custodial support, and a variety of other items and services. These must be requested with adequate time and information to permit scheduling. We suggest always allowing a minimum of five (5) days prior to your event. If a large or complex event, please allow more time for communication of needs.

To understand the requirements in using event and meeting services, please see operating policy EMSO ABC’s. Review the Event Planning Checklist.

Review event planning and catering information for Faculty and Staff.

Energy management

Facilities Management is very conscious of the need to conserve fuels and reduce costs of utilities. We are continually on the watch for these opportunities and have on staff a Certified Energy Manager who is available to work with departments and to look at additional ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency of systems.

Questions or Ideas contact our Energy Manager at 836-8984 or energymanagement@missouristate.edu.

Key control

The key control area provides keys and key replacements to your facilities.

Any request for a key to be issued must be requested by submitting an electronic key request form, approved by the Department Head/Director or Dean/Vice President.

Key Request Guidelines / Key Issue Policy

Please allow five working days for normal processing and 10 working days for processing at the beginning of each semester. Any key issued to faculty, staff or students must be signed in the Key Control Office, located at 945 E. Grand, Room 112 Central Stores and Maintenance, Monday – Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. When a person leaves Missouri State University, keys must be turned in to the Key Control Office before clearance forms will be signed. (This is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure.)

Contact Key Control at 836-7689.

Note: Residence hall keys are issued through the Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services Office.


Please address any questions to Work Management 836-8400 or Facilities Management Administration 836-6865.