Emergency Response Plan

Op2.06 Emergency Response Plan


Missouri State University is committed to supporting the welfare of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Preparing a campus crisis/emergency response plan and allocating resources to respond to possible emergencies is one way in which the University offers this support. The plan is fashioned in accordance with appropriate laws, regulations, and policies that govern crisis/emergency preparedness and reflects the best and most current thinking in this area.

The Campus Crisis Management and Emergency Operations Plan is designed to maximize human survival and preservation of property, minimize danger, restore normal operations of the University, and assure responsive communications with the University community, surrounding neighborhoods, and the City of Springfield. This plan is set in operation whenever a natural or induced emergency affecting the University reaches proportions that cannot be handled by established measures. A crisis may be sudden and unforeseen, or there may be varying periods of warning. This Plan is intended to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate contingencies of all types, magnitudes, and durations.

The Plan provides for aiding the local community when appropriate, though the prime responsibility of the Plan is to the University community for which it is designed. The intent is for the Plan to be viewed as a tool to accomplish the above stated purpose with a minimum of confusion and wasted effort.


The Campus Crisis Management and Emergency Operations Plan is put into effect whenever a crisis, man-made or natural, disrupts operations, threatens life, creates major damage, or occurs within the University community and its surroundings. While it is likely that outside assistance would be available in most large–scale crisis/emergency situations affecting the University, the University must be prepared for crisis situations affecting the University and must be prepared to carry out crisis response and short-term recovery operations on an independent basis.

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