Missouri State University

Network and Computer Infrastructure

Policy Statement

The University network infrastructure, workstations and other communicating digital devices will be protected from compromise.  Controls adapted from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publications (FIPS and 800 Series) will be used, as well as standards specified by the University.  The use of encryption technologies will be used to protect data classified as Levels 3-5 by the Data Classification Policy.  Security awareness will be an additional control in protecting University digital assets.

Reason or Purpose for Policy

All digital devices, especially those that are networked, are susceptible to compromise and require specific measures to control vulnerabilities inherent in applications and operating systems.  Controls will be commensurate with risks identified. This policy applies to network equipment used in the University infrastructure and end user devices including, but not limited to, desktop computers, mobile devices, videoconferencing equipment, etc.

Entities Affected by this Policy

All entities contained in or under the direction of the Missouri State University system.

Line of Authority

  1. Responsible Administrator and Office:  Chief Information Officer (CIO) 
  2. Contact Person in that Office:  Information Security Officer (ISO)