Missouri State University

Wiring Standards

Telecommunication Services is responsible for ensuring that all communications wire/cable is installed and maintained in compliance with the premises communications wiring/cabling standard.  The standard, based on the EIA/TIA-568 Commercial Building Telecommunications Wiring Standard, specifies installation, maintenance and repair of all premises copper wire, coaxial cable, optical fiber and associated equipment necessary for the termination of cable/wire.

The objective of the standard wiring plan for the university is to provide an acceptable outlet for any communication device that requires connection to other devices, networks, or information services serving general university needs.

Only Telecommunication Services is authorized to install, maintain or repair premises wire/cable.  Departments are prohibited from extending the infrastructure for voice, data, or cable television beyond the individual outlet, port, or interface provided by Telecommunication Services.

University departments that violate established standards by installing, or having installed their own telecommunications wiring, will pay for the removal of the non-compliant cabling and installation of new cabling in order to adhere to established electrical and building codes.