Missouri State University

Telephone System Records

  • All records of telephone system usage are the property of the University.  Subject to applicable laws including the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, such records may be provided to the appropriate authorities, including the police, when there is suspicion of wrong doing.  Records may also be provided upon request in personnel actions, or for other purposes related to the operation of the University, to appropriate University officials.
  • Campus telephone operators and Telecommunication Services employees have the authority, when directed by the Director of Communication Services, to work with the Springfield Police Department and other law enforcement agencies in obtaining information concerning malicious or threatening calls received on-campus, or to cooperate in criminal or administrative investigations.  The on-campus location and phone number of calls placed may be provided as part of such an investigation.
  • Information on calls placed from campus phones to off-campus numbers will not be given out on routine requests related to Caller ID reports, subject to the requirements of applicable law.