Missouri State University

Telephone Repairs

User departments should request service by calling "0" or ext. 68580.  The operator will request the name of the person requesting the repair, the telephone number, set type, location, and description of the trouble.  Repairs are normally completed within 2 business days. Internet problems should be reported to the Computer Services Help Desk at ext. 65891.

Telecommunication Services maintains and repairs all telephone wiring/equipment on campus. If non-University equipment is found to cause the trouble and damages the University telecommunications equipment and/or wiring infrastructure, the student or department will be billed for a repair call and for damages incurred.  Only University Telecommunication Services staff and their representatives are authorized to make repairs on University telecommunication wiring and equipment.  Any student, staff, or faculty member whose wiring or equipment are found to have been tampered with may be subject to charges for damages incurred.