Missouri State University

Emergency Information

Emergency phones are located at various shuttle stops, parking lots, parking garages, and pedestrian walk areas throughout campus. Emergency phones automatically connect to Public Safely when activated. The Public Safety officer will know your location, even if you cannot speak into the phone, and will dispatch an officer to the location immediately to investigate.

Courtesy phones are located in most campus buildings. Instructional signage is located at each courtesy phone location. Signage includes instruction for placing emergency calls in addition to placing on-campus and local calls. 

If an emergency or courtesy phone is not available dial 911 from the nearest campus phone.

Use these phones without hesitancy for:

  • Emergency information
  • Fire alert
  • Medical assistance
  • Police assistance
  • Reporting crimes or suspicious persons

 Emergency phones are available at the following outside locations:

  • Bear Park North – Lobby and all parking levels
  • Bear Park South – Lobby and all parking levels
  • Brick City – Entrance
  • Carrington Drive Shuttle – West of Carrington Hall
  • Glass Hall – Southwest corner
  • Grand Street Shuttle – South of Art Annex
  • Hammons Parkway East Shuttle – Between Glass Hall and Meyer Library
  • Hammons Parkway West Shuttle – Between Glass Hall and Meyer Library
  • John Q Hammons Arena – South side on Bear Boulevard at Clay
  • National Avenue Shuttle – Between Cheek Hall and Ellis Hall
  • Park Central Office Building – In the Breezeway
  • Parking Lot 24 – West end of lot
  • Parking Lot 25 – South end of lot
  • Parking Lot 3 – South end of lot near Student Recreation Field
  • Parking Lot 8 – West of Greenwood Laboratory School
  • Plaster Stadium – Northwest of Football Field
  • Siceluff Hall – Northwest corner
  • Student Union Shuttle – North side of Plaster Student Union
  • Sunvilla Towers Shuttle – Southeast side on Hammons Parkway