JQH Arena Operations Policy Manual


JQH Arena (hereinafter referred to as JQH ARENA) is owned and operated by the Board of Governors of Missouri State University (hereinafter referred to as MSU) for the primary purpose of providing a public assembly venue for MSU Intercollegiate Athletics and other University functions and for other special events.

The facilities of JQH ARENA are available for use to individuals, organizations, and corporations on a non discriminatory basis based on availability under the terms and conditions set forth in this Operations Policy Manual and pursuant to a fully executed Contract (hereinafter referred to as "Contract").  All Permittee (s) and patrons, however, will be responsible for compliance with all local, state, and federal laws in addition to the ordinances, policies, and regulations of the city of Springfield and the Board of Governors of Missouri State University.

The material contained in this Operations Policy Manual is deemed to be an adjunct and integral part of all contracts. This manual is also intended to be used as a guide for potential Permittee (s).

The Management of JQH ARENA may, by specific exception or amendment to the main body of a Contract, alter sections of this Operations Policy Manual to better suit the needs of specific events.  However, in the absence of written changes, all policies set forth in this manual shall be in full force and effect as stated herein.

Modifications to this Operations Policy Manual may be made in the main body of a Contract.

Complete manual

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