Guidelines for Reports to the Board of Governors by Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, and the Student Government Association

The following guidelines and procedures for presentations to the Board are established for the Faculty Senate, the Staff Senate, and the Student Government Association:

1. Allowable Items that May be Included in the Reports

To insure that the representative leaders of the organizations use their allotted time to represent the views of the organizations they represent, these are the categories of items that should be included in the reports:

  • Reports on current activities of the organization, including official actions or current committee studies.
  • Resolutions or bills passed by the organization.
  • Actions that have been approved by the organization but subsequently have been rejected by the President, and then re-passed by the organization by at least a two-thirds majority vote.
  • Actions not acted upon by the President.

2. Procedure

In order for the important issues raised to be fully and completely discussed and resolved in a timely manner at the Board meeting or soon after, the following procedures should be followed:

  • At least seven calendar days prior to the scheduled meeting, the items to be presented at the Board meeting should be submitted to the university administration:  the Faculty Senate to the Provost and the President; the Staff Senate to the Vice President for Administrative and Information Services and the President; and the Student Government Association to the Vice President for Student Affairs and the President.  This will allow the university administration to provide the Board with additional information and recommendations as may be appropriate.
  • Further, in accordance with the Missouri Open Meetings, Open Records Law (Sunshine Law), the representatives of the three organizations should provide 10 additional copies of any materials distributed to the Board so that the same materials can be distributed to the news media.  (Bd. Min. 7-30-04; Res. Board Policies No. 34-04.)