Article XI: The Board's Relationship to the Faculty

Section 1. Definition

The Faculty shall consist of those covered by the provisions of the Faculty Handbook and who are responsible for teaching, scholarship, research, creative activity, and service.  The Faculty may include the President and academic administrators if they hold faculty rank.

Section 2. Powers

The University Faculty shall have such organization and exercise such delegated authority as the Board shall from time to time establish.  In this regard, the faculty shall have the power to:

  1. Exercise such powers of shared governance permitted by law, as may be delegated by the Board in the Faculty Handbook, as amended from time to time, and approved by the President of the University and the Board;
  2. Formulate and adopt its own constitution and Bylaws, subject to approval by the Board;
  3. Formulate rules governing the general conduct of students within the classroom and deny students who are unduly disruptive the right to attend class;
  4. Make rules for the grading and classification of student and for the award of University honors and prizes;
  5. Make rules for the admission of special students to the University, subject to approval by the Board;
  6. Make recommendations to the several heads of departments concerning administration of their respective departments;
  7. Advise the President of the University upon matters which he brings before it;
  8. Develop the necessary curriculum or alterations in existing curriculum within each discipline to implement all University programs approved by the Board, subject to approval by the President of the University and the Board.

Section 3. Presidential Veto Power

The President of the University shall possess the veto power over all action of the faculty, its committees, or subdivisions.