Philosophy Department

Philosophy is an ancient study dating back 2,000 years. Philosophy does not cover one subject but rather many subjects, providing you with a variety of experiences. When majoring in philosophy, you will gain and strengthen your skills in logic, ethics, and understanding of the world around you.

The philosophy program at Missouri State offers undergraduate and minor programs for students interested in better understanding our diverse world. Our programs are taught by faculty who are classroom focused and concerned about the students they interact with daily.

Why study philosophy?

  • For a great overview, check out our prezi!
  • You will gain essential knowledge for your future. A philosophy education provides knowledge from an array of subject matter.
  • Since philosophy is applicable to many subjects, you will receive more in-depth discussions and a

 variety of experiences.

  • A philosophy major develops your critical thinking, persuasion and writing skills that can be applied later in your career.
  • Philosophy impacts a broad range of subjects, so its study broadens your career options.


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