Application/Admission Process

Applications are submitted though CASPA (Central Application Service for Physician Assistants) online annually (dates typically are May 1-July 15 - check in mid-April for possible earlier opening date) for coursework beginning in January of each year.  No supplemental application is required.  Completed CASPA applications will be forwarded to the Program in approximately (up to) 4 weeks after they are initiated by the applicant.  Applicants are expected to follow up with CASPA to ensure all information is complete and accurate, and that the application has been successfully received by the Program.  All questions regarding CASPA applications must be made to CASPA.

Completed CASPA applications are first reviewed by the Admissions Coordinator for complete prerequisite coursework, GRE or MCAT scores, and other information required by the Program.  The Admissions Coordinator will contact the applicant if application is missing any required information, or to clarify if needed.  Completed applications are rated by the Admissions Committee, with highest rated applicants invited to present for Committee interviews during the month of September.  The (up to) 32 students will be selected to begin coursework in January.  Successful candidates will be notified after the Interview sessions.