Fact Book


The Missouri State University System Fact Book provides a comprehensive overview of every aspect of the University System. The combination of tables, graphs, pictures, and narrative give the reader immediate access to specific information about students, degree programs, faculty and staff, finances, facilities, as well as other areas of general interest. In many instances data is provided for multiple years to show trends; at least five years worth of data is included when multiple years are provides.             


Missouri State University Fact Book 2013-14

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Prior Years Fact Books - PDFs

System Fact Book 2012-13

 System Fact Book 2011-12                                    System Fact Book 2005-06

  System Fact Book 2010-11                                    System Fact Book 2004-05  

 System Fact Book 2009-10                                    System Fact Book 2003-04

         System Fact Book 2008-09                                    System Fact Book 2002-03          

 System Fact Book 2007-08                                    System Fact Book 2001-02

 System Fact Book 2006-07                                    System Fact Book 2000-01


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