University Exit Exam - GEN 499

The University Exit Exam is now computer-based and unproctored.

 General Information

The University Exit Exam (the ETS® Proficiency Profile) should be taken during a student's senior year, and must be taken prior to graduation, following the completion of 90 hours.
 The ETS® Proficiency Profile, which is administered in the exam sessions, is a 36-item multiple-choice examination assessing basic academic skills such as critical thinking, reading, writing, and mathematics. Sample exam questions are available on ETS' website at: The exam takes about 1 hour for completion.


Please see the Instructions for Completing the Exit Exam link for information on completing the exam.




How Assessment Results are Used


  • Help evaluate the effectiveness of the Missouri State University curriculum.

  • Represent the performance of Missouri State University students to the public.

  • Represent the university in funding decisions.

  • Provide an estimate of how students rank relative to their graduating classes.  Individual exam scores will provide an assessment of abilities that may be helpful in applying for employment. Official score reports can be mailed to students who are interested in including it a portfolio or resume.    

All students are encouraged to do their best so that the university assessment will be as accurate as possible.  

The average score will represent all Missouri State University students in various reports and discussions on and off campus.  The number of students taking the test and the number of those students ranking above the fiftieth percentile on the test will affect how Missouri State University is viewed as an educational institution.  These performance measures are incorporated in legislative funding decisions for Missouri State University.  This is an opportunity for students to demonstrate how good Missouri State is to the rest of the state and influence the reputation of the university.