Instructions for Completing the Exit Exam

The Exit Exam is unproctored and can be taken on your personal computer at home; students no longer need to come to campus to complete the Exit Exam.


1. Make sure you are registered for GEN 499*; you must be registered in order to receive credit for completing the exam. Please contact our office if you have difficulties registering or if you have a hold on your account.


2. Go to


3. Complete the Senior Survey.


4. Click "submit" when you have finished the survey.


5. The remaining instructions and link for completing the Exit Exam will appear in the same browser window after clicking the "submit" button. You will need to print the instructions before beginning the Exit Exam.


*Please note that Exit Exam sections are divided by month; you will register for the month that you plan to take the Exit Exam. Your degree audit and transcript will be updated during the first week of the following month. For example, if you complete the exam in January, your record will be updated during the first week of February. If you complete the exam in May, however, your record will be updated during finals week.

If you register for a certain month but aren't able to complete the exam during that time, you can drop the section you were in and register for a new section.