MDHE Performance Funding Targets

State Compliance: Enhanced Missouri State Achievement Study (EMSAS)

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Since the fall of 1987, the Missouri Department of Higher Education has annually collected student unit-record information from public institutions across the state of Missouri. 

The MDHE receives its authority through sections 173.005 and 173.020, RSMo, and 6 CSR 10-4.021, as well as compliance with the provisions of the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This process is now known collectively as the Enhanced Missouri Student Achievement Study (EMSAS).

Access to identifiable student records contained in the data is protected in accordance with FERPA. Aggregate (non-identifiable) summary information derived from these data enable the MDHE to meet its statutory evaluation and reporting requirements, including the annual publication of Statistical Summary of Missouri Higher Education ( ). 

Statistical summaries contain numerous tables of aggregate data for Missouri public and independent institutions. Broad reporting categories include:

Student preparation

Student persistence and graduation


Tuition, fees, and financial aid

Enrollment and demographics

Institutional finance

Student transfer

For additional information regarding MDHE research and data, contact:

Research & Data Unit
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