Nurse for a Day

Attention high school students! Do you have the desire to become a nurse? Have you wondered what skills it takes to achieve your dream? The Missouri State University School of Nursing hosts several Nurse for a Day workshops each year to help high school students better understand the challenging, yet rewarding, field of nursing. This program is for high school students with a grade point average of 3.0 or above.

During this one-day workshop, participants will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities in the state-of-the-art Nursing Simulation Center, tour the Missouri State University campus, hear from a panel of local nurses about the career field, and attend a presentation from the Nursing Admissions Coordinator about preparing for nursing school.

Spring 2017 Session

Registration Closed

Full workshop participation is required to be considered for admission into the event.

  • Family Member Participation

  • Media Release

  • Medical Release

  • Student Expectation Contract

  • Schedule of Events

Family Member Participation

Family member participation is welcome during the afternoon sessions. Family members may eat with their student (note: family members will need to pay for their own lunch) and attend all sessions after lunch. Please view the schedule link above for details.

Media Release

I authorize Missouri State University, and those acting under its permission or authority, to use and publish for lawful purpose any video and/or pictures/photographs of me, which may be included in whole, or in part, or any words I have spoken about the Nurse for a Day Workshop and its workers. I waive my right to approve the finished product or copy or use to which it may be applied. I release and discharge Missouri State University, and those acting under its permission or authority, from any liability for the use of any picture of me or of any words I have spoken about the Nurse for a Day program or its workers.

Medical Release

I understand that in case of a medical emergency, every attempt will be made to contact me before medical attention is provided to my child. However, the Nurse for a Day staff may consent on my behalf to emergency treatment advised by medical personnel in conjunction with the Nurse for a Day Workshop in Springfield, Missouri, on Friday, March 31, 2017, and throughout any Missouri State University travel accompanying the same. I understand that should an emergency vehicle be requested to transport my child, it is my responsibility to pay for the vehicle and the treatment at the hospital.

Student Expectation Contract

These are the required expectations of the participants. Anyone not acting in accordance with Missouri State University’s policies will be subject to the governing laws and asked to leave immediately.

  1. Attend the event with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.
  2. Arrive at the event on time.
  3. Attend all assigned sessions for the entirety of the day.
  4. Refrain from being disruptive during sessions.
  5. The University has a No Cell Phone Use Policy. Participants will comply with this policy during the workshop.  Participants will be allowed to access their cell phones during lunch. Any other use of cell phones during the event is prohibited, and students in violation of this rule will be asked to leave the workshop immediately. 
  6. Stay with your assigned group at all times.
  7. Never leave the campus for any reason.
  8. Respect your event staff members and nursing students.
  9. Inform a staff member of an emergency situation.
  10. Refrain from any inappropriate behavior which includes but is not limited to
    • Drinking 
    • Smoking 
    • Drugs                                                            
    • Vandalism                              
    • Vulgar and offensive language                
    • Wandering off or leaving campus

In addition to the above requirements, students also must

  1. Behave in a professional manner and show respect for other program participants.
  2. Respect cultural, racial, and religious differences.
  3. Adhere to the dress code at all times.  Due to the nature of the activities, all participants must wear closed-toed tennis shoes, full-length jeans or khakis with no visible rips or tears, and a shirt you can wear underneath your Nurse for a Day workshop T-shirt. You are required to wear your Nurse for a Day T-shirt throughout the entire workshop.  Please bring a coat or jacket if weather requires, as we will be walking around campus throughout the day. 
  4. Check-ins will be required at every stop or session. Never walk on campus by yourself. Always have someone with you. Group leaders/workshop staff must know your whereabouts at all times.
  5. Participants are expected to involve themselves fully in ALL activities.
  6. Missouri State University is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Therefore, it is advisable that participants not bring large sums of money, jewelry, electronic devices, or other valuable items to the program.
  7. Each student and/or parents and guardians will be responsible for full restitution for any damage done to private or public property as a result of use or misuse of such properties.

Schedule of Events

  • Explore the nursing profession during Nurse for a Day

Registration Process - Registration will not be considered complete until payment has been received by the MSU School of Nursing.

Cost for the one-day workshop is $15.00 (nonrefundable), which includes a parking pass, lunch ticket, and T-shirt to be worn the day of the event. Payment can be submitted either by credit card (2.75% service fee) or by electronic check (no service fee) through the following storefront:

To register, please complete the registration field boxes below and submit payment.  Registration will not be considered complete until payment has been received by the Missouri State University School of Nursing.

Please Note: Confirmation packets will be emailed to the email address provided with registration after payment has been received and prior to the date selected for attendance.  If you have any questions, please contact our office at